Crazy Coaching Give Away
Eugene aka @acroyogacoach and founder Partner Yoga Arts is getting to readz to annouce an insane coaching give away.  Make sure you are following us and or him instagram to see the details when they drop.  It is one of a kind not seen before.

Private coaching
Our founder Eugene Butcher @acroyogacoach is also offering some coaching sessions and workshops as he travels through South East Asia between now and July 2023

Option1.  Intro Session 90 mins = £100

Option 2. "The Experience" 3 hours = £250
AcroYoga, AcroYogaDance, Handstand Intro, Hand-to-Hand
Followed by healing practices: 
Flying Therapeutics, Heart Dance Meditation 

More details about Eugene's coaching sessions.

Online Academy
Our new Partner Yoga online coaching syllabus goes live this month.  All you need is a partner you can start learning how to create beautiful partner yoga art

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